Thursday, March 1, 2012

You're My Pot 'O Gold

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I'm going to cut to the chase.
Have y'all been seeing all those awesome rainbow Saint Patrick's Day treats on Pinterest?

So great.

Here's my version.

I've been wanting to make some bath crayons for awhile now, and this was the perfect excuse to do it.

We're waiting to use them since I'm fairly certain that at this point in his life, he would just cram them in his mouth.

But I have some little peeps in my life who are the perfect age for these. yesss.

I made the crayons with glycerin soap (found at Michael's for about 5 bucks with a coupon and I have a lot left over),
food coloring (I prefer the gels),
and an ice cube tray that I found at Ikea for about a dollar.

I think that it's meant to make ice that will fit in a water bottle,
but I tell ya... if it wasn't made for making crayons, it should have been.

They also had a really cute heart-shaped tray which I got because I can't help myself.

Just follow the directions on the soap for melting. It was actually easiest to do in the microwave and was much like tempering chocolate.
I did mess up the first time around by keeping it in too long and it boiled over. Luckily, it's just soap, so while it left a sort of mess, it was a mess that left my microwave cleaner in the end. :)

Just melt a little at a time, add your coloring in batches, and pour into molds. Super easy.

Once they were dry, I put them in a sandwich bag with some gold coins I found at Target in the dollar bins,

and I stapled on a label that I whipped up in photoshop.
Nothing fancy, but cute nonetheless.

We love Saint Patrick's Day around here,
so I'm glad I got a little something together.
And I'm always happy when I can come up with something for the kiddos that's not 100% sugar.

This is Meg, signing out for the weekend...
Happy Saint Patrick's Day (in advance)

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