Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self Promoting

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First off,
a BIG thanks to everyone who has supported my new venture of selling my handmade goods.
I really appreciate it.

For those of you who don't know, I've always made "stuff," but this past Fall was my first attempt at formally selling my wares.
That was successful, so I started an Etsy shop.

That has been successful as well, so I've added more items.
And here we are.

The biggest success so far has been the Play Mass Kits, and I've received a lot of questions about it so I thought I would write a little more on the subject...
I really owe the success of the kit to a friend of mine who was looking into Catholic learning materials to send to another friend and found a pretend mass kit online, but she was a little frustrated that it was out of her price-range.
I casually mentioned, "I bet I could just make that."
So I did.
But I made mine the way that I would want it to be;
more detailed
more complete pieces
with more educational literature to go with it
and more accurate to the real thing

After selling the first, word has spread, and they actually sold out before Christmas!
Most of them are purchased by parents of children who love to play Mass (if you're scratching your head, yes! those children exist! :)
and catechists, specifically those who teach preparation for First Communion,
both wanting their kids to have a more hands on way of learning about Mass.
Of course, anyone who has kids or works with kids knows that 'hands on' is a great approach,
and I really believe that learning about religion should be no different.

The first Play Mass Kit in use by my household sister's kids.
Check out her beautiful handmade rosaries at
Kids learn by doing, seeing, touching, pretending.
The only difference, when it comes to our Catholic faith, is that many things are sacred and not always kid friendly (specifically with the touching).
But that doesn't mean that they're off limits to kids.
One of the most beautiful things about our faith is that everything means something.

For example, when we know that the paten is made of precious metal not just because it looks cool but that it is necessary to give the Eucharist, the Body of Christ, a precious place to dwell, it tells us something about what we believe; the Eucharist is the Body of Christ. It deserves to be adored, to be honored, and not to be taken for granted. It deserves the best.

My main goal was to make something that kids could enjoy while learning a little more about our faith, and I hope that the goal is achieved.

I've had so much fun putting these together,
Each piece is labeled, and each kit comes with laminated cards that feature the different colors of the liturgy and what they mean as well as a kid-friendly discription of each item.

If you have any questions or are interested in more details, please check out the kit for yourself in m Etsy shop or feel free to contact me at

Thanks, again for all of the support!


  1. Ugh. Etsy is down right now, but I can't wait to go check them out. I've been looking for a Mass kit that didn't cost a million dollars, and yours is so much cuter!

    As soon as Etsy is back up, I'm going to post this to my Catholic Homeschool group back in Memphis. I know there's a lot of families who would love this.

  2. thanks Cari! I really appreciate that. :)

  3. Hi, will you be making any more Mass kits before Christmas?

    1. Hi Lianna! I just relisted the Mass Kit... Only have a few left though! If I sell out, they'll be listed again in January. Thanks!


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