Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Preview

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We've had an incredibly mild winter here in Pittsburgh,
and this southern girl has NO problem with that.

Aside from the lack of snow shoveling and salt stains on my jeans,
I have also been enjoying an extended harvest of veg from my Fall garden, especially spinach.

It's still alive and well! What the heck? I'll take it.

We celebrated Saint Patrick's Day this weekend (obviously), and it was so hot that we had to come inside!
It has been warm enough that my indoor seed trays have been happily soaking up the sun on the front porch and back patio.

I used the premade, biodegradable seed trays this year because I was too lazy to make them out of newspaper. My soil was an organic, premixed seed starting soil from the home improvement store (again, because I'm lazy).
While those seeds are brewing, I'm prepping my beds and cleaning up the last of the Fall and Winter debris from the yard. More posts on my beds to come (I'm building them new this year).
One thing is for sure; it feels great to get outside.
The only downside is that I'm blinding even myself with my pale skin.

Also, remember my plastic bottle "greenhouses"?
Probably not... if you're interested in the back story, click here.
But long story short... they worked!
Rose transplant: success.
I'll definitely be doing that a lot more now that I'm more confident of their efficacy.

If you're interested in more info on the garden this year (or past), you can keep checking in here.
Click on the "Garden" tab at the top of this page.
Or you can follow my "garden shmarden" board on Pinterest for ideas and resources that I like.


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