Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fish in 7-Up Batter

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Papa and a fish. :)
I had every intention of doing the usual today.
That is, making something and then writing about it.

Unfortunately, though, my mom called to tell me that my Papa, my dad's dad, passed away last night.
And to be honest, I don't really feel like making anything, which is rare.
I'm not trying to be dramatic, trust me.

Anyway, I thought I would share a recipe instead.
It's my Meme's (my dad's mom).
My grandparents both loved to fish and spent their adult lives saving money so they could retire to the lake and fish everyday.
And that's just what they did.

But then my dad died.
My Meme died shortly after,
and Papa got older so I'm sure he couldn't get out on the lake nearly as often as he would have liked.
But that will always be how remember them: 
fishing, that is.
And as cheesy as it sounds I'm fairly certain that their Beatific Vision is somehow fish-related. :)

The original recipe card that Meme wrote out for my mom.

So here's the recipe (in the case that you can't read my Meme's writing on the recipe card).

Fillet fish, making sure all bones are out- Preheat deep fryer to 365-400 degrees. Put fillets in a plastic bag with some pancake mix and shake to coat- remove and let coating dry for a few minutes.

Batter- Add 1 egg to 1 cup of pancake mix- stir in 1 cup (8oz) of 7-up until batter is thin. Dip coated fillets into batter and fry. If deep frying about 4 minutes.

Nothing gourmet, but it is tasty. :)

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  1. What a wonderful tribute! I'm sure all three of them are fishing away.


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