Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"We've Moved!" Announcements

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Part of me still wishes that it was me saying "We've Moved!"
but alas... it is not.

My step-brother and his wife just bought their first home, though, and I'm super excited for them.

My mom, being the fabulous paper crafter that she is, made them some announcements to send out,
and they turned out super cute.

The first is one that my mom made a draft.
That's right, folks. Not only does my make cards for us
she makes multiple variations and we usually get to pick our favorites.

Anyway, this one was my vote.
It should really be noted that I had no vote... this one was just my favorite so I wanted to share. :)

You know I'm a stickler for twine.
And look! Matching envelope... so good. so good.

The second with the keys is the one that Daryl and Christie chose.

The crazy detail of the cut outs on skeleton keys is insane, trust me.

Both are so different and so great, right?

In other news, the doc says any day now for baby two to make his appearance, so I'm making no promises for frequency of posts.
I know, as if I ever do.