Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crocheted Mickey Mouse [Pattern Review]

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So I promised some of you that I would have this up yesterday, but then I fell down some stairs (I wish I was kidding), slightly injured my tailbone,
and the thought of sitting at my desk literally made me throw up in my mouth.

I know. You don't care, so here's the actual post:

I got a request for a crocheted Mickey Mouse a week or so ago,
and thought it would be fun, so what the hey.

Only problem was, I've been waaaaay too busy with saint dolls to sit down and work out the pattern myself.
Luckily for me, I found this gem.

I mean, come on... the tail!

This Etsy shop has a TON of crochet patterns for all of your favorite characters
(I'm basically coveting this Paddington Bear),
and if they're half as nice as this one for Mickey,
I would highly recommend them.

This guy turned out great, thanks to some really clear instructions and simple crochet stitches.
While it's perhaps not for the crochet beginner,
it's not as difficult as it looks,

and if you can follow a simple pattern,
know your single, double, half double, and single decreases,
you are good. to. go.

The pattern maker hails from Hong Kong, but the directions were in perfect English
and although I wasn't able to use the exact yarn and hook size she uses,
it still came out great.
This was due largely to the fact that she uses measurements by stitch count and not just centimeters.

Therefore, I'm fairly certain that you can adjust this pattern to any size by changing the weight of the yarn and using the appropriately sized hook.

Body Parts. Creepy.

Anywho, here are some pics of how it all came together.

Facial Parts. Also kind of creepy.
Now he's coming together.
Almost finished.

*I was in no way compensated for this review. I paid for it fair and square, so you can be sure of my unbiased opinion, and it is just that... an opinion. I simply found this pattern, tried it, liked it, and and now recommending it. :)

See ya next time, folks!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Ebony, as mentioned, this is a review of someone else's pattern, therefore, I cannot include the pattern in my own post. The link to find the pattern can be found above, however.

    2. where did you get the pattern?

    3. Where you get the pattern?

    4. I can't find the pattern above. How can I get a copy of this pattern?

  2. Hey there!! Love how he came out! I am want to purchase the pattern but the pattern maker does not use local yarns or hooks. Can you please tell my the yarn and colors and hook you used to make him? Thanks so much!! Also how big did he come out?

  3. how can I find the pattern for this doll... my mother would like it..

  4. Hi, this review is great! I'd love to find the pattern and purchase it as well, but your link showed up with an error. Could you direct me to the source or person's site that you bought the pattern from?

    1. Oh no! I'm having the same problem with the link. Perhaps she closed her shop. There are other patterns on Etsy however. You can find some very similar ones if you search "Mickey mouse crochet pattern". Obviously I don't have any reviews of those other patterns, but you can look into the Etsy reviews (stars) to see how other people felt about them.

    2. All the patterns I found on Etsy are plagiarism. I don't feel right giving them my money. I will have to just design my own Mickey Mouse.

    3. I see. Thanks for keeping an eye out. I tried googling her shop as well as nothing really came up. :(

  5. Thanks for trying! Maybe I can just figure it out based on your photos. Anyway thanks for your response :)

  6. same here . Out of print esty say, nut going try with a sock monkey pattern and copy some of yours as well. Hope u ok now. Thanks for all the work taking photos

  7. Look up mylovelydoll on Etsy. I am almost done crocheting the Mickey and Minnie. I am not at all happy with the fact that the seller never responded to either of my 2 messages with questions.

  8. Thanks for your pic patten I was able to put it all together :) turn out really well much smaller n quick to make . I won't pay any other pattern out that no where near as good the one u made.

  9. Hi trying this pattern for my granddaughter but having an issue with the head. I have the 24 stitches on the body and head but my head is way bigger. To join is going to be a pain. How did your Mickey head turn out and do you have any tips. Thx in advance

  10. Hola está muy lindo pero es una pena que no tenga el patron

  11. Pattern shows as unsvailable another link?

  12. Hola alguien tendrá el patrón??? Esta hermoso

  13. Onde posso encontrar a receita em português?


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