Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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I think maybe it my famous blog friend, Jodi, that described the months before Christmas as
"the time when crafting blogs fall silent"
Amen, sister.
Things have been so so so busy here.
I've been creating like crazy!
And I'm psyched to share all of my stuff with you all,
but alas...
They're gifts!
Don't open til Christmas morning!!!
So things will definitely be quiet here on the blog front
as most all of my free time will be spent sewing, gluing, wrapping, and whatnot
So no craft sharing today.
Instead, I wanted to share a couple stories (for whoever will listen)
that truly had me humbled this week and last.
Story One:
Before Mass on Sunday, Chris and I were trying to decide if we would take one or two Angel Tree Tags this year. For those of you who may not know, many many churches do an "Angel Tree" this time of year. The tree is filled with ornaments, and each ornament represents a child (or adult) who is in need. You purchase a gift for that person. Simple. Great.
Our angel tree benefits a ministry called the East End Cooperative Ministry. I love this ministry. They help kids. They help adults. They give shelter to the homeless. They feed the hungry. They give winter coats to those in need. They share dress clothes, resume writing and interview courses, and rides to men and women who have fallen on hard times and need a job. Awesome. Really awesome.
Anywho, Chris and I get an ornament every year, and I was really hoping to purchase for two this year, but with everything else going on it was going to be a stretch. So after Mass we're standing in line to get an ornament and I see one for a 12 year old boy who asked for a winter coat (probably because he doesn't have one). So I pick it up, and just as I'm about to pat myself on the back for being so "selfless" (yeah right), I see another for a 10 year old boy who asked for... wait for it... a book.
They tell these kids that the can ask for WHATEVER THEY WANT!
And he wants a book!
And a couple hours earlier, I was struggling to come up with things to put on my son's Christmas list
because he wants for nothing.
Okay, God... very clear, thank you. We're getting two.
Story Two:
My junior high youth group is a really great collection of kids.
Don't get me wrong, they're a bunch of prepubescent crazies, but I love them.
We had a particularly great Bible Study last night.
Pat on the back, Meg!
but no wait!
(and this is a real conversation I had with one of my volunteers afterward)
Volunteer: Meg, there's a chance that I'll be out for a few weeks in December.
Meg: Is everything okay?
Volunteer: Oh yeah, I'm just having some tests done.
Meg: Yikes. Anything I can pray for in particular?
Volunteer: Well I'm just fine, but I'm being tested to give my kidney to someone.
Meg: What? That's nuts. A family member?
Volunteer: No. I actually don't know her, but she's dying of kidney failure, and I have two so...
Meg: How did you even hear about this?
Volunteer: There was a bulletin announcement, and I felt like it was for me, so they tested my blood and I'm a perfect match!
(and the conversation continued)
I mean, really, God? A bulletin anouncement.
 I'm the youth minister. I'm over here singing "Call Me Maybe" and I think I'm the one doing ministry??? This guy is donating a major organ to a total stranger!
Via bulletin anouncement!
Double humbled.
If you made it this far, congratulations.
I don't usually share overly personal blog posts,
but this was a such a kick in the pants kind of week, that I just had to share.
Because lets be honest. I need a lot of work.


  1. Great stories! I was humbled this week too in regards to giving to a family in need. (I actually just wrote about it on the blog!) After reading the heartbreaking stories, I came back to our Christmas lists at a total loss. We want for nothing. Hoping to get my kids involved in buying for this sweet family so they can see the joy in giving!

  2. I love that you shared those with us. So many times I overlook (or ignore if I'm being honest) ways to help others all year long. I love how this time of year brings it all back in focus.

  3. tearing up over here. those are both great stories and thank you for sharing. i think that you are being hard on yourself but I think it is beautiful that you are open to continued growth.

    1. I am being hard on myself, but trust me, I needed it. :)


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