Monday, August 27, 2012

Catholic Saint Dolls!

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I'm back!
and I'm introducing my new project and newest listing in my Etsy shop:
Catholic Saint Felt Dolls
Long story short: I wanted a saint doll for a friend's daughter,
so I started with one and then someone asked me to make another.
Then someone else asked me to make another.
So here's what I have so far!
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
complete with shawl, headband, and mocassins (obviously)
Her hair is made of braided yarn,
I cut some fringe in her shawl and hand sewed the design around the neck.
Then we have...
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
aka "Mama T"
Looking stylish as always in her Missionaries of Charity sari and veil
Each doll comes with a laminated prayer card with some fun facts like feast days and such and a prayer or quote on the back.
Next we have
Saint Therese of Lisieux
aka "the Little Flower"
obvisouly I had to make her a little cross the roses.
and there you have it!
Please let me know what you think.
There's not a lot out there when it comes to saint toys
and to be perfectly honest a lot of it is... well.... creepy.
Anywho, let me know if I can make one for you!
For more pictures and details, click here to visit my Etsy shop.



  1. These are too cute, Meg!!! What about a St. Cecilia?? I have a Kateri but she needs a buddy. :)

    1. I was already thinking about doing a Cecilia. :) Hopefully I'll have her finished soon.

  2. Yay! Saint Kateri Tekakwitha! Our diocese's summer camp is named after her!

    1. Love her! Plus, she has awesome hair so she was really fun to make. :)

  3. I hope you are able to make these again, I would love to get them for my daughter. They are too cute! Love and prayers your way, mama. :)

  4. These are too sweet. I'd love to order a few of the mother Theresa doll. Is that possible?

  5. Are you coming to the St. Francis Festival?

  6. I just ordered mother theresa doll for my daughter's first communion.. we had been praying about what to get for her and this was the answer to our prayer! Thank you! A question - do you ship any of your other things to canada?


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