Thursday, August 30, 2012

Putting up Peaches

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We are just getting the very last of the peaches here in Southwestern PA,
and I have to say, they've been really good this year.
Mind you, not as good as the peaches of my native Georgia...
but what are you gonna do.


Can you tell what's different about this second picture? :)
I struck up a bargain with one of my farmer friends at the market and ordered a HUGE box of them to can and make cobblers and such.

I would take the ones with minor bump, bruises, and blemishes off of his hands,
and in return he would give me a CRAZY deal.
So I got mine on the cheap. Huzzah!
A little spot here and a small bruise there was really not a big problem,
I was going to be cutting them up anyway.
For the cobbler, I use this recipe from Southern Living.
It. Is. Delicious.
It's also really simple.
I should mention, too, that this recipe states that the nutmeg is "optional."
It actually isn't. Not for me anyway.

I canned everything that was left over which mostly we'll just eat plain.
I might make a cobbler or two with them.
I also throw them into smoothies for the little guy.

I use a really light syrup because I hate when fruit tastes like white sugar and not... you know... fruit.

Anyone out there have a favorite peach recipe you want to share?


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