Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Biggest Fan

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Is my mom.
(She's that one person who comments on my posts)
Hi Mom!

My second biggest fan is, perhaps, Grace.
Her blog is, after all, my largest traffic source.
I'm guessing because oodles of people read her blog.

Which was why I was so happy that she won my giveaway earlier in the year.
A giveaway for a knitted cowl scarf, the pattern for which can be found here.

I was even more excited the other day when I saw this...

Grace's husband wearing the aforementioned cowl...
and a (maybe too small) polo.

Whether she talked her husband into wearing it willingly
or he did this of his own volition,
I am just not sure.

But they are equally amazing.
Virtual high five, Grace!

So there you have it. A blog post about a blog post.
If you missed one of the gazillion links to her blog above, click here and check it out.
She'll have you laughing (out loud) and  headed to the store to buy chia seeds in no time.

Have a great day!


  1. What?! It's not me? ;)

    BTW... I'm itching for another crafty night. I hope it gets planned soon.

    - Jodi

  2. I love Grace, she is the friend of the little blogger- and she is down right hilarious. I absolutely loved that Simon post, and great cowl Meg!

  3. this was the BEST to read in the middle of Julia's 89th tantrum about heaven KNOWS what this morning -- it was like a magic mute button!!

    thank you Meg -- totally made my day -- week -- actually month.

    I am LOVING the early summer we're having but my one big complaint is that I haven't been able to sport my new favorite accessory/Sebastian FAVORITE toy -- oddball.

  4. ha! that's so great. grace is also MY Largest traffic source.........

  5. I think she is my biggest fan as well! I am sensing a trend. :)

  6. Eh. Grace isn't all that. If she WERE, she would have finished her OWN cowl, so some of us who clearly CAN'T knit could have one that fabulous one of yours.

    So take THAT, Patton.

  7. And by "one", I clearly meant "won".


  8. haha.

    Cari said "one".

    And I totally agree with Cari -- a project for winters 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

    Always setting my expectations muy high in the sky.

    or is it ski cari?

  9. I think it would be "hi in the ski", actually.

  10. out. of. control.

    now Grace is the topic of my 'most commented on' post...

    what's next, world domination??? I think Julia would be on board. :)


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