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Shark Wrap Tutorial

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Alrighty... I finally got around to putting the pictures together for the shark wrap tutorial.

First off, for more of an introduction to the wrap, go here.

But if you're not interested in all my blabbering... here's a picture of the finished product:

And here is how you make it:

What you'll need:
A bath towel- nothing fancy needed, you can go crazy with color, pattern, plush-ness, etc. I got a plain ol' blue towel (measuring about 30"x50" , also I did invest in the "color stay" variety since ours will have a chlorine-related use)
Iron On Fabric Adhesive like Heat-N-Bond (you probably want to opt for the ultra hold here)
A scrap of black terry or other washable fabric for the pupils
A scrap of white terry or other washable fabric for the eyes
matching thread
heavy duty needle for your sewing mating (you'll be going through a lot of layers a couple of times, and there is little that annoys me more than breaking a needle)
all your normal sewing implements

*optional- I used a lighter blue terry for my binding as an accent, but you can also use pieces left over from your towel. I had plenty.
Step One:
Cut your towel in half so your short edges meet (hamburger, not hot dog)
One half will be the body of your wrap, the other half will be everything else. Complicated, I know...

Step Two:
Take your "everything else half" and cut a rectangle for your hood. It should measure 10"x14".

Step Three: Sew a binding for your two sides so you won't have any raw edges on your finished product.

Cut two rectangles measuring 2"x10" from your towel or accent terry.
Now lay one of them along one of the 10" sides of your hood piece and pin in place.

Sew the two together using a little less than 1/2" seam allowance.

Now, unpin and iron your binding piece out. Then iron about 1/2" of the outer edge of the binding piece in.
Then fold that in half to close in all of your raw edges.

Topstitch over all of your layers to keep your binding in place. Again, make sure you're using a heavy duty needle and take your time. Otherwise, your needle will break.

Now repeat for the other side.

If you bring your top corner together, you'll see the hood taking shape. See? Of course you do.

Step Four: Making the Eyes

Cut your eyes and pupils from the white and black fabric, respectively. You'll need two, obv.

You'll also need to cut two pieces of your iron-on adhesive for the pupils and two for the eyes.

First, iron the heat-n-bond to the pupil, peel off the backing and then iron your pupil to the eye piece.
Using matching thread, zig zag stitch around your pupil to keep it in place.
Then, iron your eye piece of heat-n-bond to the back of the eye.
Before you peel off the backing, you'll want to mark where on the hood you'll like your eye to be on the hood.
Once you know for sure  (don't waffle :), peel off your backing and iron on to your hood. Then, using matching thread, zig zag around the eye to keep in place.

Now repeat that process for your second eye.
Not bad... and we continue...

Step Five: Sewing the Hood
With the eyes on the inside (wrong sides out), fold  your hood piece in half. You're going to sew along the top to bring the front the "head" together. See picture.
Pin in place and sew along this edge using a 1/2" seam allowance.
Then serge or zig zag your raw edge to prevent fraying. If you're zig zaggin' like me (I dream of you, Serger...) then you might want to hit it twice for good measure. I'm paranoid about fraying.

Alright! Pop that thing right side out, and your hood is almost finished!

Step Six: Teeth
Using white terry, cut two pieces of 3"x11" rectangles.

Sandwich them together and mark your teeth. I used hot pink so you can see, but I would suggest a normal fabric marker. ha.

Pin your two pieces together and sew along your teeth marking. Then cut off the excess including the tip of the fabric so you can turn it and make as close to a point as possible.


Turn it right side out, using a pair of scissors or what have you to make the teeth pointy. Iron them flat and topstitch around the seam.
Zig Zag or serge the top of the teeth, too, to prevent fraying.

Now with your hood piece inside-out, place your teeth where you want them (probably centered) and pin in place. Now just sew them on!



Step Seven (optional): Nostrils
I used black thread and an old-fashioned needle to make nostrils on my shark. Because a shark doesn't really have a 'nosey' nose, I think this helps to make it look like a shark and not a blue blob of ambiguous monster/animal... but then again, that might be in my head.

Step Eight: Fin
This will also help differentiate your wrap creature as a shark...
From the pieces of towel that you have left over, cut about a 10"x24" rectangle with one of the 24" sides on the edge of the towel so that side is already a finished edge. If you're not able to make that cut in what you have left, you'll just want to make a finished edge on that side by folding it over about 1/2" and then topstitching along the fold.
Then fold that piece in half so your 10" sides meet (hamburger, not hot dog).

Mark a 'fin shape' (see picture), and cut it out leaving the fin attached at the top (also see picture).

You'll now have a  piece that looks like this.

Now sew an edge on the bottom of your fin. Fold the rounded edge at the bottom of the fin over about half an inch (you can iron and/or pin this fold in place). Then top stitch it so you have a nice finished edge.

Now fold your fin back in half with all your sides meeting ( wrong side out) and pin the top of the fin together (see picture).
Sew along this edge, and then zig zag or serge your raw edge.

When you flip it black over, your fin piece should be done!


Step Nine: Putting It All Together
Center your fin piece on the body of your wrap, with the edges that meed the wrap making an upside-down "v" shape (see picture)
Pin in place and sew along the edge to secure your fin to the wrap. Done.

Now place your hood piece upside down on your wrap (see picture). Make sure it's centered and pin it in place.
Now sew along the edges to secure your hood to the wrap. Done.
Now you're just going to put a binding on your last raw edge.
Cut a 3" strip of towel or accent terry that is a couple inches longer than the width of your towel (Mine was 30", so I cut a 32" strip).
Now sandwich the strips and the wrap together at the raw edge, making sure that the strip is slightly folded up at the beginning (see picture), and sew them together using about 1/2" seam allowance.
You're going to sew all the way along the edge, through the wrap and the hood and everything.
Be careful that once you get to the other edge, you also fold that edge up so the ends meet (you might have to cut off some excess).

Now fold your binding piece out and iron a finished edge onto the unseen side (about 1").
Fold that over, and topstitch your binding in place.

Done and done.

Hope that was clear.
Can you tell I'm just getting the hang of editing pictures with photoshop?
It's really helped to add text and arrows and whatnot to my pictures for tutorials.
I really am hoping that it adds much needed clarity to my directions.



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