Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

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or at least some bigger towels
for my little buddy who is becoming less and less little by the millisecond.
Maybe, I'm just looking forward to the warmer weather waaaaaay too much,
but in anticipation of pool/beach/boat/whathaveyou time this summer,
I decided that Ben needed an awesome hooded animal towel.
You've all seen the hooded animal wraps at Pottery Barn Kids?
They are so cute, and I've been known to give them as gifts in the past,
but the days of my Williams Sonoma discount are long gone,
and those things are a pretty penny.

So clearly I had to make one that was "just right."

The shark is my personal favorite,
and I found some super super super soft towels on sale at Target the other day for $5.
And that was it! My only expense.
I'm so excited, I can't even handle it.
token bath time photo

I'll throw another one in for free

One towel was more than enough to make the perfect "toddler-sized" pool wrap.
And I'm thinking that down the road, one large towel and one hand towel would most likely do for a "big kid" wrap.

So I whipped this up during one of Ben's marathon after-the-weekend-completely-exhausted naps yesterday afternoon.  I wasn't planning on completing this in one sitting, but I'll definitely take it!
Thanks, son. You're the best. At life.

I tried to get some good pics of Ben actually wearing the thing...

but you can see he wasn't that into it.

oh well. I'm sure it will get plenty of good use over the summer.

Anyone interested in the tutorial?
I would be oh so happy to share!
Just leave me a comment, and I'll start piecing my photos and directions together.
I aim to please. :)
The Southern Institute


  1. haha! That is adorable! :)

  2. Nice! Great job! What are the odds one could figure out how to make on with sleeves similar to this?... http://www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Boys-Swimwear/26047-RED/Boys-Red-Jumbo-Star-Towelling-Throw-On.html

  3. @ Jodi, thanks. :)
    @Ellen, no prob, bob. I'll get started
    @unknown, that's interesting. i pinned it to my boards on pinterest (with the hopes of looking into it in the future). I bet you could just use a simple sweatshirt-type pattern and use terry cloth instead of a knit. you would want to make it oversized, a little longer in the waist, and with no band at the bottom.


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