Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bunny Ears

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I'm pretty new to the blogging scene, so I'm just now figuring something out,
and that is this:
If you want to have a tutorial up for a holiday/season,
you have to allot enough time beforehand to plan it, make it, photograph it, and write up the how to
not only before that holiday/season, but with enough time for your readers to make it themselves before that holiday/season. duh.
This, however, is much easier said than done.

But I'm trying...

It's Lent.
It's the beginning of Lent.
And I've started making things for Easter.

For my fellow Catholics out there, you perhaps already understand my dilemma.
My heart is torn between being liturgically appropriate and being prepared craft-wise.
I am most likely being a bit dramatic.
I did make my Jesse Tree Advent Calendar before Advent (barely finished in time), and didn't feel weird about it.
I guess I'm feeling differently about Lent and Easter.

Not-so-great-segue to...
the new Bunny Hats that I'm selling in my Etsy shop.
Maybe you notice that I'm tip-toeing around my dilemma by making a bunny item.
Bunnies have little to nothing to do with the liturgical celebration of Easter, the Feast of the Risen Christ.

But I know a lot of you are into the bunny thing,
and who doesn't love a baby item, any baby item, with ears on it???
I, personally, am a fan... of the ears.

So I thought I would share how I made the bunny ears.
They are really simple and you can pretty much stick them on any hat
or anything you want.

For my hats, I used Bernat Cottontots in Very Berry and Bright White

Bunny Ears:
Color A- middle of ear (like pink for many bunny enthusiasts)
Color B- outside of ear and the rest of the hat

With Color A yarn chain 16 stitches.

Turn, skip one link,

and single crochet in each stitch.

Continue all the way around the back of work.

Chain 2

and single crochet along the other side.

Keep going all the way to the end.

Knot and set aside.

You'll obviously be needing two, one for each ear.

With Color B yarn, chain 18 stitches. Turn and single crochet around the back of work. Chain 2 and single crochet along the other side.
Chain 3.
It should be just like your Color A piece, but a tad longer.

Sandwich your Color A and Color B pieces together so the stitches line up.

You are now going to crochet the two pieces together along the side using a double crochet in each stitch.

Keep going around the top, making sure to catch both A and B pieces, and then back down the other side.

Knot and set aside.

Repeat with the second pieces, again, because bunnies have two ears.

Using a yarn needle, sew your ears onto your hat.

Tip: If you curve the bottom of the ear (the end that meets the hat), it will stand up better for a perky-eared bunny.

Like I said, you can stick these ears on anything for an increased cuteness factor.
I just made one of my standard baby hats.
Clean and simple.

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