Monday, February 6, 2012

The Doom and Gloom Before

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Said kitchen.
So the Steelers weren't in the Superbowl this year.
which is interesting because (in recent years) they typically are.
You can jeer if you want, it won't deter me.

Anywho... it means that while I did watch the game,
I was not nearly as "involved."
It's overwhelming just looking at this picture.

Crazy shelving unit...
 soon to be replaced by actual cabinetry

Alternative... begin remodeling my kitchen.
So here is the token "before" post.

I would love to say that my kitchen doesn't normally look this dirty/messy,
and that I just staged it this way to make for a more dramatic reveal.


well, yeah... we'll just go with that. :)
I really shouldn't complain, because my kitchen is fully functional.

Mostly everything in it was new when we moved into our house.

It is not my huge, awesome dream kitchen, but it is considerably larger than the typical postage stamp of a Pittsburgh kitchen.
Maura and Chris really to start!

However, it is super dark.
Like doom-and-gloom-only-one-small-window-that-is-blocked-by-a-cabinet-dark.
Also, it's boring.
Empty. Paint and back splash coming soon!

Oh tape.

So Ben had a sleep over with Gram and Pap Pap,
and Chris and I are began to tackle some light upgrades and redesigning.

While we're not doing any huge renovations, it will take more than one day,
so I'll keep posting to show you the progress.

But in the meantime... pray to Baby Jesus that Chris and I don't kill each other in the process.
no really.

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  1. how exciting! i have the exact same countertops in my place.


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