Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitchen Progress- Part Dos

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It's a mess.
I don't even know why I'm surprised by this... BUT...
this past weekend did not go as I had planned.

The good news is that it went really well.
I had a great Confirmation retreat with a good chunk of my youth group kids.
My incredible husband, meanwhile, stayed home with the babe/monkey,
made a chowder recipe he saw on the Pioneer Woman (hahaha! still funny to me. and delicious)
AND ventured out to get my early valentines and anniverary gift.
Something that I've always wanted but for which I've never actually asked, a strand of pearls (say WHAT?!?)
Awesome. Just awesome.

Unfortunately, while all of this was happening,
I came down with some sort of super ailment. again.
I feel like I've been sick for approximately 25 out of the last 30 days...
So what all this means (for the purpose of this post) is...
I didn't get as much done on the kitchen as I had planned.

I DID manage to get the pantry units installed. HUZZAH!
I can't begin to tell you how psyched I am for these babies.
They are deceptively HUGE
while not taking up a ton of square footage in my previously mentioned "doom and gloom" kitchen.

Amazingly, they also have doors.
That shut.
That deter a mobile babe/monkey from grabbing EVERYTHING off the shelves.
So I don't have to stare at a box of Cheerios all day.
Are you picking up on the level of excitement over here?

I also got the new hardware installed on the drawers.
I switched from a regular knob (which I moved to the pantry doors)
to these...

Lastly, I began installing my under-cabinet lighting.
This, I feel is going to make a big difference in the darkness situation.

Also unfortunately, all of my batteries for my trusty drill pooped out about halfway through feeding the wiring through the cabinetry to get it all connected.
This was especially dissappointing because the whole idea behind having multiples
was, of course, to have one charging while using the other. duh.
Don't worry. I've since regrouped and tucked all of the cords neatly into the upper cabinets.

So that's that.
My deadline of Bens first birthday is quickly approaching, meaning I'll have to hit pause for a bit, turn my house into the Hundred Acre Wood, and pick up afterward.
I'm hoping to have one more progress report before the big reveal.

Wish me luck!
(and while you're at it, pray this sickness leaves me. for good this time.)

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  1. you are killing me with your skills little lady! nice work!


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