Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Progress

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Phase One is complete.
I feel like if I break it down into phases,
I am less likely to become overwhelmed in the process.

So over the weekend we cleared out the kitchen (kind of),
painted the walls,
and began placing the tile for the backsplash.
No surprise, a couple unexpected roadblocks threathened to halt our endeavors,
but we kept chugging along
and tried to get as much finished as possible
while Ben was at his grandparents' house.

This is not the first time that I have given thanks
for the Home Depot that is literally one block from our house,
but I can safely say that my gratitude reached new depths over the weekend
as we were driving back and forth
and back and forth
and back
and forth.

On one of our many ventures, we glanced at the clearance section.
I didn't even know that Home Depot had a clearance section...

Anyway, we found a new kitchen faucet
which we weren't planning on replacing, but now that it's in
I am so glad that we did.
And it looks even better to me because I know it was on clearance.
I love a good deal.

Chris is horrible with details and exact measurements.
He openly admits it, so I know he wouldn't mind that I'm sharing that fact here.
So when speaking about a possible backsplash,
he quite frankly said,
"Just so you know... if we're going to do this...
I won't even be touching the tile. That's all you."
I had retiled our bathroom shower awhile ago,
so I had the tile saw and all the accompanying tools.
Let me just say too, that I LOVE MY TILE SAW.
 I feel so hardcore DIY when I cut tile. ha.

We ended up with a simple white porcelain tile.
Since I already had the tools and such, we just had to buy the tile and grout so our whole expense was under $40. sweetness.
On Sunday, I started to place the tile.
Came back to it during a morning time nap the following day.
Grouted the next day during afternoon nap time.
Wiped down the next.
Caulked around the seams the next...
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming...

So that's it for "phase one."
We'll have another weekend of Home Depot runs and power tools starting tomorrow,
AND we'll be working with the baby in the house,
and me at a Confirmation retreat on Saturday.
Oh boy.
This should be comical and interesting.
So check back in!

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  1. I *love* DIY home improvement stories. I can't wait to see what you accomplish next weekend!


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