Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Birthday Preview

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I found this invitation kit on clearance at
Target for a whopping $6. It included everything
AND I've got about 30 invitations remaining.
I've never been much for party planning
with the exception of showers and weddings.
when it comes to my child's birthday this year. 
I know. Some/many of you are saying to yourself,
"self, what's with these parents who go totally overboard on birthday parties?!?!"

I've said this same thing to myself.
So why am I succombing to the ridiculousness?
Don't know.
To keep myself busy?
To be the "best mom"?
To add a little excitement to my day that is usually contained to my living room with frequent excursions to the far and distant kitchen?

Generic Invite

Because I'm just so excited that I made it through year one and must mark the occasion, if not for my son, then for myself (achievement!)?
Because I'm insane?
Probably all of the above.
Best quote. So true!
"Friendship," said Christopher Robin,
"is a very important thing to have."
We, and when I say "we," I mean "I"
decided on a Winne the Pooh theme a couple of weeks ago,
and thanks to the internet, I've been researching ever since.
Who does that? I do.

The set even came with the ribbon
and these initial tags that I printed out.
Anyway, Ben's fav toy of the day, and one that we can and do take EVERYWHERE is a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that my mother-in-law gave him.
He has no idea of the cartoon (or any cartoon for that matter) or the movie or really the books,
but when I asked him what his main interests were, all he said was, "ahhhh! han blah."
Which I interpreted as "Winnie the Pooh."
I'm awesome.

this is fake. I don't, in actuality, know anyone from Winnieville.
So we'll be hosting this shindig and giving him his own cake and the whole thing.
I'll be sure to post some pictures of the deets.
In the meantime, and I know you're on the edge of your seat,
here are the invites which I printed up over the weekend.
Cute, right?
Also a fake. While I clearly have no problem sharing
 unnecessary details about my projects, I will not share my
personal info. ;)
I think so, anyway, and that's really all that matters since Ben won't remember. ha.

You'll have to check back later to see all of the crafts/food/fun/etc.
but if you're just dying to see some of my inspiration, feel free to follow me on Pinterest (link to the right) and check out my "First Birthday Ideas" pin board.

All ready to go!
Thanks to Maria VonTrapp, I love tying ANYTHING up in string.


  1. Those turned out great! :)

    And go ahead and make the one year party about you, because really it is! Congrats !

  2. Where did you find the image for the card? it's adorable.

    1. I think I scanned it and then edited through Photoshop to get the right sepia shade. I'm sure you could find some images via Google search as well.


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