Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washcloth Bunny Tutorial- Stocking Stuffers for Around a Dollar

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Don't leave me any nasty comments about how I'm 'celebrating' Christmas in October.

I need the jumpstart.

I wanted to get something together for a little stocking stuffer for my nieces and nephews.
And I needed it to be simple.
And I needed it to be cheap inexpensive.
And I needed something that would be good for children of all ages...

So here's what I decided:

Boo Boo Bunnies 

Everyone had one of these guys as a kid, am I right?
And probably all of you know how to make them (but there's a step-by-step if you scroll down nonetheless).

Here's what's great about them:
They are great for all phases of life.
Afterall, as my college-aged cousin just proved, you're never too old to run into a wall playing kickball.
(or something like that)

For babes: Dip the ears in some water, stick in your freezer, and they can chew on it for a teething relief.
For toddlers: cold compress for when they fall over for the fifteen billionth time today.
For young/old kids (and adults): for bruises, scraps, etc etc etc.

Also they're cute.

So here's how I make mine.

Take a regular old square wash cloth and cut off any tags, stray threads, etc.

Then fold the top corner over just a bit.

Then roll it up from the bottom corner to the top.
Make sure it's as tight as you can get it.

Fold that in half.

Then fold your ear side over to the rounded side.
Position your ears how you would like them.

Tie them in place with some white yarn.
Make sure it's really tight.
You can also use a rubber band, but those cramble over time.

Optional: Embroider a little face on the guy.

Cover your yarn with some pretty ribbon.
I used a lot of my scrap pieces.

For the tail, I use the 'fork pom pom technique'.
wrap white yarn around your fork.

Then tie around the middle and knot.
Cut the sides of the yarn and trip up the strands so they're somewhat even.

and attach to your bunnies 'backside'.

Look they're even mulitiplying like rabbits! har har har.
I apologize for the poor photo quality.
I just snapped some pics with my phone as I went.
Speaking of snapping pics with your phone:
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  1. So cute! I heard someone complain that JoAnn's had Christmas fabric out in October - well, some people need more than a month to make something!


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