Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outdoor Furniture Remodel

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I'm back.
I know you were all waiting around to hear from me...
yeah anyway,
I've been at my in laws' house for the better part of the week,
and I was finally able to work on a project that I've been itching to do for awhile now...

bringing this outdoor glider back to life.

My mother in law inherited this beaut from her mother,
and it has been well-loved.
Too loved to get rid of.

In a phrase, it needed to be saved.

After looking it over a couple months ago, we quickly determined that the cushions were fine, and just needed to be reupholstered, and
the frame just needs some elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint.

Can I even tell you the best part???
Thanks to Joann's Columbus Day Sale, I was able to do this whole thing for less than $20.
Not even a joke (and Joann's didn't even endorse me for this).
I scored 6+ yards of print canvas (less than $2/yd!!!!),
a couple yards of striped canvas,
covered buttons,
and matching threads.

With the big cushions finished.

Some accent pillows.
I added some zelcro straps to fasten these suckers down but keep them removable for crazy weather and such.

Maybe this is crazy, but I've never made covered buttons before. (???)
It's so easy! I was shocked.
It's the little things, am I right?

It's difficult to see them in the pics because of the print,

but I'm a big fan.

And done!

Oh yes! I can't believe I almost forgot this amazing feature: the back folds down to make a giant outdoor bed thing! what? yes.

All it needs now is a cup of tea.


  1. Um wow, will you please come reupholster every item of furniture in my house?

  2. that is a huge improvement. i can't believe you got all that fabric for such a bargain!


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