Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben's 'Tow Mater' Costume

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So if you 'like' me on Facebook
or 'follow' me on Instragram,
you've seen my previews of Ben's Halloween costume as it's come together.
But here's the grand(e) finale:

He's the cutest.
It all started when I went to Costco and the cashier helpfully placed all of my groceries in these two boxes, and as he was doing so (I was helping, I promise), I got a twinkle in my eye.
These boxes look like Mater!
yes. that's how my twisted brain works.
Some hot glue, paint, and random items of reuse later...
It was really perfect, although I wouldn't go so far as to say ordained,
especially since I got a disapproving "Meg---unnnnn." from my mother after I responded with an "I'm not sure" to her question of what Ben would be for Halloween.
He's a 1.5 yr old,
so he's not going trick or treating and he can't eat most candy,
so I really thought this would be a safe bet since I just needed a couple pics
and I can reuse it for his birthday which is looking more and more 'Cars' themed (surprise!).
I used paper plates for the wheels and the exposed motor.
I should note that Ben is SUPER disappointed that the wheels don't function (Mom fail, I guess).
toilet paper and paper towel rolls made for a perfect rear bumper and rounded headlights.
Some string for the chains.
And some plastic caps for the lights.
His arms fit through the windows and the box actually already had little holes for him to hold on to.
Halloween quota complete,
and I'm not even doing it the day of Halloween!!!
And then he was done.
Any great costumes out there?

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