Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Crocheted Turkey Hat

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It's October.
Which means it's almost November.
Which means that I've already started Christmas gifts... awhile ago actually.  
But before I start sharing all of that with you,
I thought I would share this crocheted turkey hat for Thanksgiving.
I got an order for a Thanksgiving baby hat, and I just had to make one of these guys.
You've probably seen them around, especially if you're a Pinterester.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cocoa and Fisherman.
Crochet Hook I/9- 5.50 mm
I used this pattern for the drumsticks.
Side note: she has some pretty cute patterns for crocheted toy food it you're a fan of that. I am personally more into felt food, but different strokes. :)
Your turkey leg should look a little something like this.
I did change the pattern just a hair, though.
At Row 14, I changed from my Cocoa yarn to the Fisherman.
Row 14: BPSC (back post single crochet) i,n every other SC around. *This will help separate your "meat" from your "bones".
Row 15: SC in each stitch around.
Row 16: 2 SC in each st around.
Row 17: decrease around in spirals until you have 1 stitch left. Bind off and hid your ends.
*don't forgot to stuff and shape as you go.
After I made two drumsticks, I made a simple baby hat, and then attached my turkey's drumsticks to the sides with a yarn needle.
Simple simple.

Happy Way Way Early Thanksgiving!


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