Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Learning Calendar

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By the way, I'm aware that today is actually the 27th.
It is also not All Saints Day.
Y'all are awesome.
I mean it.

I've been getting some great ideas/requests the past couple of weeks.
Many have been for different saint dolls.
Recently a college friend and household sister mentioned the lack of cute learning calendars out there.

I did some research and quickly decided that she was 100% right, 
so as you might guess, I made one myself.

So here it is!

I tried to put all of the basics in there,
The days, number dates, and months are laminated for durability.
Plus, I always love an excuse to use my laminator. :)

The numbers for the date live in these colorful pockets.

The weather and seasons are felt 'ornaments',

Of the season and weather ornaments,
my favorites were the leaves for "Fall"...

And the kite for "Windy"

I put velcro on the back of everything.
I used the "sticky back" vecro patches, but I reinforced them with a dab of hot glue when I was sticking them to felt.

And (of course) I couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw in some Catholic details,
particularly the liturgical season,
with little felt chasubles to indicate the appropriate (geek alert!) liturgical color.

I also added a "Holidays" pocket
for feast days, solemnities, and whathaveyou.
And then a "Verse" pocket for the Bible verse of the day/week/month (whatever).
I'm currently working on a list of toddler/preschool friendly Scripture verses.
Any suggestions?

I finished it with a colorful polka dot backing,
added some loops at the top for my dowel,
and done!

I'm lovin' it so far!
I'm thinking about adding it to the Etsy shop as a made to order item,
but I have some details to work for that before it's listed.
The biggest detail is that this did take a pretty large chunk of time,
especially all of the embroidering of the lettering...
so we'll see. :)


  1. This is soooo adorable. And, um, dibs on the first one if you do decide to make them for your shop!

  2. yeah! it is absolutely wonderful! i adore it! every home school family needs one of these. just let me know if it is for sale b/c i will pay top dollar for it :).

  3. Oh that is so cute! I'd buy it for my toddler girls. BTW, I just love your saint dolls and plan on purchasing a few for Christmas. You are so talented!

  4. I LOOOVVVEEEEE this!!! I have been looking for a good calendar to use and gave up because I could not find one that fit our needs (and am not crafty/talented in this make one myself). I hope this is for sale! I'm going to check out your etsy shop!


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