Monday, September 17, 2012

I Saw, I Pinned, I Conquered.

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We just got back yesterday from camping
(Happy Birthday, Kristen!).
so maybe it wasn't hardcore wipingwithaleaf kind of camping,
maybe it was little more of tailgating in the woods
but it was the most enjoyable of experiences.
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So enjoyable, in fact, that I took zero pictures.
But I thought I would share some of the camping gems that I found on Pinterest which really worked out for us...
This was a massive success and oh so simple.
Click here for the details.
I did change my ingredients a bit, using cheese, rotel, and black beans,
but you could put anything you wanted in here.
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I was actually more than a little skeptical about this one, and to be fair, our coffeecake did not look like this,
but it did "bake" and it did taste good.
I didn't use clothespins either, opting to just wrap the whole things with foil to secure it, and that worked really well.
All in all, blueberry muffin mix and some tins... well worth it.
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These may been the biggest success.
As in, I will never camp without them again.
Egg carton, dryer lint, wax.
Upsides: Easy to make, you can just cut off a couple to start your fire, they work even better than the lint and wax paper variety, they're light weight, so they are an easy and worthy addition to your pack.
Downsides: none. They work that well.
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Okay, I'm going to be perfectly honest here...
 I dried out a TON of sage from my garden (it grows like a weed, after all) and put it into the fire...
but I have no earthly idea if it kept any bugs away.
I mean, I have no (as in ZERO) bug bites!
But who even knows???
Perhaps there were no bugs?
It was pretty darn cold out.
I'm going to give this one the benefit of the doubt and just say it works. :)
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These were also aaaaahhhh mazing.
This recipe is for freezer-friendly breakfast burritos to reheat in the wave,
but they are awesome for camping.
I made them ahead of time (adding some diced tomato and black beans to this recipe)
and instead of wrapping them in plastic, I wrapped mine directly in foil.
I stuck them in the freezer in bags, and they were mostly thawed out by the next morning when we toasted them up over the campfire.
I imagine since they were toasted over a campfire out in the wilderness, they were that much better.
 So there you have it!
I hope you enjoy!

And for all you pinterested pinners, please please please: let's give credit where it is due and pin from the original website. Each item has at least one link to the original. Thanks!


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