Thursday, January 24, 2013

Simple Baby Blanket [Tutorial]

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I had the opportunity to make another baby shower gift basket last week (one of my fave projects to put together),
and I couldn't resist including some super cuddly fabrics.
I had some fleece and cozy flannel in my stock that were going really well with the colors of the basket,
so I put together a quick and simple blanket.
And since it was so gosh darn quick and so gosh darn simple,
I couldn't resist passing the steps along to you all (see below for tutorial/measurements).
While I love to challenge myself, I think it's good for me to remember that more time and more effort is NOT always better, yes? Simple is good, Meg. Simple is good.
Side note: this would be a perfect project for an older sibling to make for a new baby, especially if they're learning how to sew. It's that easy/kid friendly. :)

You'll Need:
about 1 yard fleece (or other cozy fabric)
about 1 yard flannel
regular sewing implements
Tip: you can sub the fleece for minky or other super soft knits, just beware that many of them are EXTREMELY stretchy and can give you some problems when sewing them together especially if you're a beginner.

Step One:
Cut your flannel.
Mine is is about the size of a typical receiving blanket, measuring at 30"x34".

I also used a circle template to round my corners.
I like the look of the rounded corners,
and *added bonus* if you're not a big sewist or you're using this as a kid-friendly project, it's nice to not have to tackle corners just yet. :)

Step Two:
Lay your flannel on your fleece with right sides facing and pin together. 
Tip: I find it easier to pin, sew, then trim the fleece as opposed to cutting your flannel and fleece to the same size and matching up the sides.

Step Three:
Sew the pieces together using the pressure foot as a guide
and leaving about 6 inches open to turn right side out.

Step Four:
Trim the excess fleece.

Score your rounded corners, being careful not to cut through your seam allowance.
This will help the blanket lay nicer at the corners.

Unpin, turn right side out, and iron flat, spending extra time at the seams so they lay as flat as possible.

Step Five:
Top stitch around the edge of the blanket.
At the 6 inch opening, make sure that you catch both fabrics to sew them together.

Step Six:
"Quilt" the blanket together.
I just sewed straight lines across the blanket from one side (at the top stitch seam) to the other,
and then again across in the other direction (perpendicular).

Done! See? I told you it was simple.

I like to wrap it up like a little bundle for the "little bundle."
See what I did there?

What are your favorite baby shower gifts?


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