Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quilting Goal for 2013

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Like many of you, I've been setting my goals for 2013 over the past few weeks.
It's only January and already the calendar is starting to fill up
which can be completely overwhelming.
So I'm determined to set realistic goals for the year.
One of those goals was to make one quilt.
If I got to more, great, but the goal is just the one.
And for that one quilt, I was going to finally get around to making a queen size for our master bed,
a project which I have been intending to do since Chris and I got married (almost 4 years ago).

That was my intention.
You see, one of my favorite local ministries expressed a need.
And it was a need I felt like I could should meet,
and one that, frankly, I'm thrilled to meet.
After years of borrowing space from local churches,
they are finally in the process of building a brand new facility.
And it's huge and amazing and will allow them to grow and achieve even more than they already do.
The East End Cooperative Ministry is one that I've written about before.
Among other things
they feed the hungry,
they clothe the naked,
they mentor children,
and as I sit in my warm house right now, I am especially grateful that they shelter (including serving dinner and breakfast to) the homeless.
Pittsburgh is beautiful in the winter, is it not? :)
With this new facility they will be able to expand that shelter to house more men,
more women and children,
and more of the sick and elderly who have been discharged from the hospital and need respite care but cannot receive it in their prior housing.
And I really could go on and on... but you can check it for yourself.
So here's the fun part:
The shelter's designer had the idea to have a handmade quilt for each of the shelter beds.

My first reaction when I heard this was one of shock (that's a lot of beds! they house over 650!!!).
My second reaction (the one that should have been my first reaction) was one of conviction.
For those of you who may not have made a quilt before,
it is a labor of love.
It takes time and patience.
It take vision and skill.
And often it takes some money. Supplies aren't cheap!
And who is more deserving of a handmade, loved over, and hopefully prayed over quilt, than those without a home, those with whom most people avoid eye contact, those who all too often are the forgotten ones?
So I'm once again putting my master bedroom quilt on hold,
and I'm diving in to cut, piece, stitch, iron, baste, quilt, and bind what will hopefully be a beautiful blanket but more inportantly be a labor of love from me to them, even though they will most likely not even realize it.
So why am I telling you this?
It's certainly not to toot my own horn, although I will be sharing pictures of my progress as I go for funsies.
It's to get the word out about this awesome place.
If you feel inclined to donate money, prayer, or even a quilt, I encourage you wholeheartedly.
And if you don't live in the Pittsburgh area, I encourage you to check out shelters in your area and ask what their needs are. There all always needs.

If you are in the area, I'm going to be collecting non perishable food items over the next few weeks to stock their food pantry.
If you would like to donate some food, please let me know!
I'm even willing to pick it up.

As for the quilt, my mom (who is the greatest as I've mentioned before) has gratiously donated the batting and the muslin.
And I'm hoping that this quilt will be a total scrap buster.
If I need more fabric, I'm shopping from my own stock with the hope that I don't have to buy anything new.
Do any of you have shelters/ministries in your area that you love?
I would love to hear about it. :)


  1. This is amazing! If you need more fabric, please let me know. I have a huge bin full and I just don't have the time to sew at this stage in my life right now. I'd love to send it off to actually get some use. :)

  2. what a beautiful thing to do Meg. You are such a lovely little Handmade. I am looking forward to the updates.


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