Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ben's Play Kitchen {The Roundup}

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I'm about as excited as Jesse Spano on study pills right now.
Over the weekend I was able to hit up some of my fave places
and gather supplies for Ben's play kitchen,
a project that I've been wanting to tackle since... I don't even know... the age of 5?

First Stop:
Construction Junction.
I've mentioned it before, so I won't go on and on,
but basically it's a super fantastic architectural salvage warehouse
that specializes in recycling all the unwanteds from old Pittsburgh houses and then offering them to the public on the cheap.
They have everything from doors to church pews to toilets to paint to tile to columns to mantles
and I could just go on...
but I won't. They have cabinets and that's where I found these gems.

My saint of a husband even came with me and stood there gratiously as I checked out every.single.cabinet in the place to be sure I was getting the best ones.
What a dear.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
(the matching ones on the far left and far right)

After a long while, I could tell that he, not having the same vision as me, was about to lose his marbles.
So I settled on these.
and picked up a small older faucet to boot for the play sink.

Second Stop:

This I did solo, and that was most definitely the right decision as I was there for approximately 8 million hours.

I got my "knobs" for the play stovetop,
some cutting boards for the "butcher block" countertop,
a stainless steel bowl for the play sink,
and of course a lot of other doo dads.
So much fun.

I'm not letting myself really get to work on this sucker until I catch up on some orders,
but my goal is to have it completed by Ben's birthday in February.
It is a birthday gift, after all.

The only task we've tackled is removing the crazy weird and old jar opener that was screwed into the upper cabinet.
So wish me luck!
and keep checking back in for my progress. 

Wanna see some progress pics in somewhat real time?
You can play along on Instagram (@handmadebymegk)


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