Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Garden Update

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This is my first year attempting a fall garden.
The summer garden went pretty well, but it was depleted and sad earlier than I was anticipating... which was not so great.
Inspired by others' fall gardens, I optimistically planted a few things in my limited garden space.

Mind you, I don't get outside a lot to work in the garden at this point in parenthood. Ben is crawling everywhere and stuffing everything into his mouth, so I can't exactly set him down in the yard.
So most of my yard work is done like this...

With a baby strapped on my front and two dogs sniffing and barking, one at each side.

Luckily for me, the plants in my fall garden are extremely low maintenance, and while some of them have be totally massacred by the birds (I'm sorry, pea shoots... you really were my favorite), others have flourished despite my neglect and the poor weather (I mean, snow in October? Really???)

Pictured here are my spinach and radishes... so many radishes...
Does anyone out there have good ideas for preserving these suckers? I need help.

In other news, the leaves are beautiful. Can you tell I love fall leaves? :)
Our tree is pretty much done for the year...

Of course, the main downfall (pun intended) to this is...
leaves everywhere!

Good thing they're nice to look at.

And in spite of most things looking pretty much dead at this point, I'm finding just enough new life to keep me optimistic.
Hopefully it's enough optimism to get me through the snow this winter and into the spring.
We'll see.
Happy Fall, everyone!


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