Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Gift Preview- Pajama Eaters!

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My new friend, Jodi, over at Sew Fearless posted a pattern/tutorial awhile ago, and it was love at first sight.
Pajama Eaters.
 The kiddos can keep them on their beds, these little monsters "eat" the PJ's during the day, and politely give them back at night (perfect for storing pajamas out of sight for the day. Also, they're really cute).
I knew then that they would make awesome  Christmas gifts for some, if not all, of my many nephews.
But I moved onto to other projects...

Well, now it's November. This, of course, means that if I plan on accomplishing the daunting task of making one Pajama Eater for each of my numerous nephews, I need to get on the stick...
Three down... many more to go.

But I definitely wanted to share my progress as well as point you toward this great pattern (scroll down for the link).

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start... that is, my find of the week at Goodwill... These men's jeans.

If you go into any thrift store, goodwill, yard sales, etc, you are likely to find a pair of men's jeans.
I found these for 50 cents a piece! ahh-mazing.

So I got a bunch of 'em, naturally.

I cut the jeans at the seams, so I had some workable fabric pieces, and guess what? 1 pair was almost exactly what I needed for one, with the back pockets and waist band areas left over, making this a great reuse project. I am, of course, keeping the extra pieces handy for another project. You'll just have to stop back in sometime to see what that project is. :)

FYI, with one of the legs, I kept the seam intact for the back of the body (see picture above).

So what do you get when you put together a pair of men's jeans, some fabric scraps, and a zipper?


They turned out great, in my opinion. I love that the denim is a little heavier than a traditional fabric, so it will wear well, and I mean really, 50 cents? No brainer.

Altogether, INCLUDING the pattern, it cost me well under 15 dollars to make my first one, much less if you consider that I'm making many of them, which made this Christmas project perfect for the "phews."

They are cute, affordable to make, simple to assemble, and quick.

Made with love by Aunt Meg. I'm adding in some new PJ's with each to round out the gift.

I really hope that you all will head over to Sew Fearless and check out the Pajama Eaters pattern.

You won't regret it.

In other, quasi-related news... I'm making major headway on my Jesse Tree Advent Calendar.
Check back in next week to see my results!


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