Friday, November 11, 2011

Adventures in Bath Mitts

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So my find for the week was this Spiderman cozy flannel on clearance.

I, personally, am not that into superheroes. 
However, there are a LOT of little men in my life, mostly of the nephew variety, and ALL of them seem to like some kind of superhero right now.

So when I saw this fabric on sale, my spidy-senses started tingling... and I had to get it.
My mind raced with all sorts of ideas of what to do with it...
and then I realized there was only about 1/2 yard left... sigh.
But I made the purchase anyway, thinking there had to be SOMETHING I could make for Christmas gifts, even just stocking stuffers.

So I tested out this project: bath mitts. I'm including the tutorial below, but please don't have super high expectations. Don't get me wrong, it's all there, but you'll definitely notice different color terry cloth, seams ripped, etc. because it took me a few tries to get it exactly right and a few more tries to get all the pictures I needed for a tutorial. You're welcome, cyberspace!

So here it goes...

What you'll need (for one):
two 8" squares of fabric (I used a cozy fleece)
*please note that if your fabric has a print, like mine, you'll need to cut your squares on the diagonal
two 8" squares of terry cloth (I used the softer micro-terry stuff... hint: check the remnants! I find it there frequently)
Regular sewing implements

*Please disregard the random strip of 1" fabric.
This is to what I am referring in the previously mentioned plea for lowered expectations. :)

Step One:
Take one of your flannel squares and cut off 4" from the bottom point of your square/diamond. See picture.

Reserve the cut off triangle for later... waste not, want not.

Repeat for one of your terry pieces.

You should now have a shape like this

Place to the side.

Step Two:
Take your reserved square and cut the longer side into a 1 1/2" strip.

You should now have something that looks like this

Cut off the diagonal ends so you have a 4"x1 1/2" rectangle.

Step Three:
Iron in the edges about 1/4" on both long sides
like this

Step Four:
Fold this in half and sew shut.
This will become your loop at the top.
It should look like this

Place to the side.

Step Five:

Take a piece of your triangle-ish terry and a piece of your triangle-ish and place them with right sides facing.
Pin the bottom of this piece...

and sew along the bottom with 1/2" seam allowance.

Step Six:
Unpin, flip outside in, and iron the seam.
Sew along the seam.

It should now look like this

Place to the side.

Step Seven:
Take your remaining square pieces of terry and flannel and place them right sides in diagonally on your work surface.
Pin the bottom two edges together....

and sew these edges together with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Step Eight:
Unpin, turn right sides out, and iron your seams.

Sew along the seamed edges to reinforce.

It should now look a little something like this

Step Nine:
Place the square piece and the triangle-ish piece on your work surface terry sides up like shown.
Trim off the top point about 1/2".
This will be where you attach the loop.
Trimming it helped make a cleaner look (I learned after the first :)

Trim up the edges on all four sides so they meet up.

Step Ten:
Take your loop piece and place it in between the pieces of fabric in the top, trimmed corner.

and pin in place.

Step Eleven:
Pin the rest of the triangle-ish piece in place...

and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Trim off your corner so it turns right side out neatly.

Step Twelve:
Turn that sucker right side out, and you're done!
That was fast, wasn't it?

I made sets of two in two different colors of terry for my two most spiderman-loving nephews!
Shhh! Danielle, don't tell!!!

I have other gifts for them that are more impressive (maybe), but this was a fun little extra for the stocking or what have you. :)

Welp... enjoy.

And have a great weekend!


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