Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation Gift

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My sister in law graduated from high school this past weekend.
Chris and I were kind of at a loss for what to get her as a gift,
but I stumbled across a couple different versions of candy bar cards when perusing the interweb,

and found this one on Pinterest.

I switched up the words and candy a bit,
so this is our version:

It reads:

Mary Kate, Congratulations, SWEETART. We are so proud of you for getting your WHATCHAMACALLIT (diploma?) Your eyes are not playing TWIX on you, you did it! You won't hear any SNICKERS from us, only a SYMPHONY of cheers. We know you had to overcome some MOUNDS along the way, but you have proven that you are not an AIRHEAD, or a LEMONHEAD, but a real SMARTIE! WERTHER or not you succeed is up to you. Don't let college slip through your BUTTERFINGERs. If you study EXTRA hard, hopefully you'll SKOR a PAYDAY around 100GRAND. Then, you could go on a real shopping SPREE. Just remember, you can do anything you put your mind to. You could climb the ANDES, take a WHOPPER of a trip through the STARBURST, ORBIT the MILKY WAY, or you could make a FAST BREAK for new YORK. We know that Franciscan may not be your dream school, but believe it or not, you won't ROLOver and die. It's no shocker that there will be some NERDS and GOOBERS, but you never know! Maybe you'll meet a real HOT TAMALE like Chris and Dan did. But for now, enjoy a fun, RED HOT summer. You have many GOOD AND PLENTY times ahead, and if you hit a SOUR PATCH, we're always here to be your LIFESAVERS, so TAKE 5 and enjoy the day. We love you! Hugs and (KISSES),
Chris, Meg, and Benjamin

I have to be honest, it took me shopping at three different drug stores/convenience stores/grocery stores to find all of the candy that I wanted,
but it was well worth the effort.

Couldn't resist a picture of Gram with Ben and my niece, Liliana
Congratulations, Mary Kate! We love you!

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  1. Congratulations, Mary Kate! These beautiful moments will never forget, we wish you greater success in the coming years.but do not forget to take care in Gram & Ben & Liliana they are so lovely .


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