Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Showers

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It's shower season, for sure.
Between baby and bridal,
I have a shower to go just about every weekend for what feels like the next 5 years.

I hate buying gifts, especially shower gifts
since you get so many of them from your guests,
and for the most part, you already know what they are since you've registered.

Not to mention I (obviously) like to the make things myself.

A family friend is getting married this summer and I was invited to the really really really cute shower of his bride, Shannon.

I knew I was going to make something but didn't know exactly what,
until I found this fabric, and I knew I had to make her something with it.
(I actually bought more with the hopes of making something for myself, too)

It's an insulated carrier for baking dishes (like a pyrex),
keeping hot things hot and cold things cold.

I originally found the tutorial here,

but then made just a couple alterations.
The pyrex dishes that I found had handles on the sides so I had to remeasure and alter the lengths of the fabrics that wrap around the dish.

I also found this braided strapping which I thought would be so cute with the fabric, so I used a couple yards of that for the handles instead of making it out of the fabric as well.

The original tutorial also had a velcro strap to hold the spoon,
but I thought a simple pocket would work better.
That way, she can also use different utensils with it depending on what recipe she makes,
and the utensil should fit just fine.

I also switched out the velcro on the inner wrap for this button and elastic.
I'm hoping that it will mean thatk she can use a different dish with the carrier if she wants,
and the elastic will accomodate for any difference in dish length.
Also, it's cute.

The shower, like I said above, was super cute.

Look at these favors (left).
Loved 'em.

And do not even get me started on the food.
Everything was so delicious,
and, as you can see,
so pretty.

Pam made a cake from Southern Living, I believe,
with almond flavoring
and buttercream frosting,
and blackberry preserves in the middle.
I died.

Chris and I are so excited to celebrate this wedding in another month.
Given Shannon's taste,
it's sure to be beautiful.

Congrats to Shannon and Jonathan!
Can't wait to be there for the big day.


  1. The braided handle is such a nice touch!!

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I do love that braided strap, and it cost the same per yard as regular strapping!

  2. wow.

    it is such a fine line between admiration and envy -- the feeling I feel reading your posts.

    so awesome.

    1. oh Grace, I always feel so affirmed by your comments. :)

  3. That carrier is amazing! I've wished for one several times... would you ever make any to sell?

    1. Hi Francine! Email me at handmadebymeg@gmail.com and we can chat. :)

  4. that is amazing! her casseroles will feel so loved in this!


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