Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am NOT a Broncos Fan

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But I know some people who are!

One of my favorite families in Colorado needed bean bags for their corn hole sets (bean bag toss game thing for those of you scratching your heads).

Anywho, I've made about ten gazillion corn hole sets, so I offered to make theirs.
Bean bags are probably one of the simplest projects out there, am I right?

They sent me the fabric in the mail since they wanted Broncos stuff (which is NOT available in Pittsburgh), and the only problem is... there was WAY too much of it.

So I thought I would make a simple tote to match and carry all those bags.
Problem solved.

And it all turned out pretty cute, yes?

The straps I took off of a bag I already had that had seen much better days.

 and the zipper was purchased as a goof (I bought the wrong size, but kept it in case I needed it in future). 

I reinforced all of the fabric for extra sturdiness (is that a word?),

and added an extra panel at the bottom made with double layers of stabilizer and more Broncos fabric.

So all in all, I had the materials already except for the Broncos stuff, as, I repeat, I AM NOT A BRONCOS FAN.

I'll post more details on the bean bags soon.
Being the crazy neurotic person that I am, they are, of course, made to regulation as per the directions of the Cornhole Association of America.
Yes, they do exist.


  1. Are you selling these anytime soon?

    1. Hi Lori! I'm glad that you like them! As of now, I'm not selling this set... just personal project. :)


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