Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First "Craft Show"

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I can remember going to multiple craft shows when I was little with my mom, but I haven't frequented them since. 

This weekend was my first attempt at selling some items that I've been putting together over the past few months. It was at the university where Chris and I both went to school over their Homecoming Weekend festivities. It was perfect, really, because we were going to be in town anyway, and the registration fee for a booth was only 10 bucks. I know, right?

So I figured, what the hey? Let's give this a shot. My only goal was to make back my 10 dollars, and I did that and then some. SUCCESS!

Best of all, I learned a lot, got to spend the day with my best friend outdoors in some BEAUTIFUL weather, and met some great people.

Perhaps the biggest achievement out of all of this is that it has motivated me to get in gear and put the "leftovers" and some other things on Etsy, a website where you can list items to sell, purchase others' goods, etc. So more information about that this week... have to get some decent pictures of everything first and, of course, get a little better organized which is normally my forte... except for...

my teething baby.

he's really cute and awesome, right? He's also exhausting and covered in drool thanks to some descending bicuspids.

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi! Check in this week for more information on my Etsy account!


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