Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favorite Pot Holders

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My studio is a HOT.MESS. right now. Between sewing for different wedding and baby shower gifts and a craft show (and my own laziness), it's gotten to point... well that's enough of that.

The point is that I was going through my fabric collection which is, at this point, mostly scraps leftover from different  projects along with remnants that I got a good deal on from the fabric store.

They're too big to throw away, and too small to complete most of my projects... except for this one. My favorite pot holders. They seem to be the perfect size for retrieving hot items from the oven and to use as a hot pad on the table. Also, they're cute.

I had JUST enough insulated batting and fabric and JUST enough terry cloth from the remnant pile at Joanns to eeeek out two.

So here's how they turned out...

Quilted for extra durability, loops to hang from hooks on the pot rack... Ahhh. So nice.

I took plenty of pictures along the way, so please leave a comment if you want me to post the step by step tutorial. I would MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige. They're simple and took me about an hour to make the two, perfect for a "quick the baby's napping, what can I start AND finish" project. :)

Happy Weekend!


  1. I am so impressed!!! if you get a chance please post a tutorial! would love to link to it and share it on my blog..and try it myself. Without my mom the sewing master here i'm lost. and clueless when it comes to working my sewing machine! love the idea of using scraps to make something so useful. and cute.:)

  2. Thanks, Natalie! I would love that. I'll get a tutorial up for you. :)

  3. Meg, you are crazy talented. In my head, I think- ok that took Meg an hour, so it would probably take me like a week ;-)

  4. Did you ever get a tutorial up? Id love to try and make these for some Christmas presents :)

  5. Michelle,
    Yes, I did get a tutorial up. You can find it under the "tutorial" tab above or by following this link...


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