Friday, October 28, 2011

Child Activity Book

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My mother is nuts (in the best kind of way),
and what I mean by this is that she is super talented and places so much time, effort, and attention to detail into her projects, she puts everyone else to shame.
To be clear, she should be the one to have the blog...

But she doesn't...

so I'm posting this for her in the hopes that it will serve as some kind of motivation for me to make something half as cool.

She made this activity book for my brother, Erik, many moons ago. I'm guessing when she was about my age. Even though it is quite clearly "Erik's Book," I remember playing with it myself for years and years.
In the pictures, you'll be able to see by the marker stains, missing bow ties, and such that this book has been WELL LOVED.

Many of you know that I'm of the school of thought that toys should have a purpose.
By that, I mean that each should be educational even (especially) if it is subtly.
If you can't learn something from it, what's the point?

Now before you freak out and call me a "tiger mom," let me say that these same toys MUST also be fun.
This is a prime example...

Each page in this book features a different animal.
(I love animal-themed things)
It also features a different tactile "activity" during which the child discovers a hidden treasure (like the adorable heart of a turtle) while working on some fine motor skills... oh so important for toddler and preschool aged children.
I'm my humble opinion, no, my baby should not be learning to read... yet. My baby should be having some fun while figuring out gross and fine motor skills.

He's sticking out his tongue!
I mean, really, I've been looking at this for 20 some odd years, and I STILL freak out.
Anyway, back to the point...

You may have seen similar activity books. In this one, you learn how to tie a bow, snap a snap, lace a shoe, zip a zipper, etc.
Except this one is better. Because my mom made it.
I'm more than a little biased, right?
She lovingly sewed this together for my brother, and I'm really hoping to make a similar, updated version for Ben. I'll be sure to post pictures and maybe a tutorial once I do. :)

Thanks, mom! You're the best. clearly.

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