Monday, April 30, 2012

Peas, Please!

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I love peas.

And thanks, to my neighbor cutting down a tree in my backyard (long story, but yes, it was my backyard),
I now have more bright sunny space to plant more veg.

Peas are probably some of the easiest plants to grow.
However, I have had non-success in the past because birds love peas about as much as I do.

I planted my peas a couple of weeks ago, and they're looking good.
Two varieties: one a typical spring pea, and one snap pea.
Aren't they cute?

They've grown enough now that they can start grabbing hold of the tomato cages for support.
(I got these at HD for a couple bucks a piece)

The big difference-maker, and my only real tip for growing these puppies is to invest the couple dollars in some bird netting.

Mind you, my goal was not to catch birds, just to keep them out...

but one of my little bird nemeses got stuck over the weekend.
The dogs freaked.
I freaked.
But no worries, he broke free and flew away, leaving what looks like a massacre site behind.

I secured went back and secured the netting better around the sides and bottom so it wouldn't happen again.

Hopefully it works.
And hopefully that bird went to tell all his little birdie friends not to mess with the crazy lady's peas.

Sidenote: There's a 72 year old man named Sid in my kickboxing class.
Also, he's better than me.
Also, he's single, ladies! :)


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