Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crocheted Valentine's Hat

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So at the risk of sounding completely redundant...
I have a QUICK project for you.

I know. You're shocked.
I just noticed this morning that ALL of my recent posts have been "quick" projects...
I'm not consiously planning this to "my shtick,"
but maybe you could guess that my dear child is taking much shorter naps...
I suppose I should just count my blessing that he's taking naps at all... I'll think on that...

My sister recently posted a baby hat on Pinterest on which she included the caption, quote: would love to have this for the babe. end quote.

Annnnd it's no secret that I'm a freak... so I made it for her.
Or one like it anyway.

It really was simple and took me about an hour to do.
I decided to post it because it's cute, I think, and I haven't included any crochet projects yet...
so allow me to share...

I had this white "baby" yarn in my studio
(as you can see it's Bernat "cotton tots" in Wonder White)

and this red "softer than normal" yarn...
(which is Caron "Simply Soft" in Autumn Red. I don't think it's really that "autumnal" but that is neither here nor there)
You could obviously use any yarn you wish. There are some super soft yarns out there made for babes, but let's be honest... don't adults need soft things too?
Anyway, they're both about the same weight and recommended a size H/8 crochet hook which is what I used.

You can find a LOT of free patterns for baby hats.
I've just used one that I made up awhile ago.
It seems just about the right size for a "normal" 6-9 month old (whatever that means).

Step One:
Crochet your hat.
Let me know if you need a pattern and I would be happy to direct you to one or type mine up and email to you/post it.

Step Two:
Crochet a heart in the red yarn.
She moves slowly enough to follow along pretty easily.

Step Three:
Instead of weaving in your end piece of yarn on the heart, leave a nice length of tail once you've knotted it.

Step Four:
Use a yarn needle to sew your heart onto your hat,
making sure to place your heart evenly and not lopsided.
Having said this, even you place it lopsided, it's fairly simple to undo and start over.


I love having nieces and making pretty things for them.
However, I have no female baby in my home.
As much as I would love to give you a picture of a baby actually wearing this hat...
I just couldn't bare to put my 100% snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails son through that.
So you get the stuffed animal.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS. Danielle, if you're reading this... it'll be in the mail on Monday. :)


  1. You are amazing and this hat equally amazing! I can't believe you whipped this up during a nap time. I love it and I'm certain Penny will adorable in it.

  2. so cute! i seriously need to make crafting a priority b/c it is so fun making beautiful things. i really enjoy your blog!

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