Friday, January 27, 2012

And Clearly I Have a Problem

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I'm a little embarrassed about this...

I recently set out to reorganize what I fondly refer to as my "studio space",
what my husband calls my "sweat shop,"
and what is, in actuality, a spare room on our third floor where I store all of  most of my crap.

And just as I was about to pat myself on the back for being so awesome about cleaning just like a good little new year's resolutioner...
I found a project that I didn't even remember having begun.
I couldn't even give you the details if I tried.
It must have been that long ago.
If I had to guess, judging from the other things I found in that general stash, I would say I started this about 2 years ago.

Yikes. I know. It's horendous, really.

But the good news is this:
I could tell what I had done,
and even better, where I was going.

So I was able to finish.
Thank goodness this isn't a total tragedy.

Here's what I do know:
The yarn is Loops & Threads "Impeccable" in true gray.

This was one of my first projects (if you're counting start date, of course) that I cabled.
I love cables.

I love buttons.
This is actually a functioning buton. It has what I'm calling a "prosthetic" botton on the front that is good-looking.

It has sew-on snap buttons on the inside that are not as good-looking, but very practical, indeed.

So that's it, folks.
Sorry I can't give you a tutorial.
I know the pattern, of course, but I'm almost certain it is not my own, so I can't share.
sad face.

Hope it inspires anyway.
It's at least inspired me...
to finish the things I start
because let's be honest: this is ridiculous.

Have a great weekend!


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