Friday, August 16, 2013

Semi-Homemade Birthday Doll Set

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Unsolicited frugal tip of the week:
Do your gift shopping after Christmas.

For obvious reasons, yes? EVERYTHING is on clearance.

I have a huge tupperware bin in my studio that is devoted solely to unassigned gifts,
things that I know I can gift eventually for birthdays, showers, and such.
Pretty much everything inside is something that I've purchased on way way way mark down.
And pretty much everything inside is something that I've purchased at post holiday clearance sales.

Being that there are so many children in my life,
and I seem to spend almost 3/4 of my time at baby or bridal showers,
here is what I always have in my magical gift bin,
and therefore what I'm always on the lookout for when searching the clearance aisle:

1) Bridal shower gifts.
Think kitchen utensils, tea towels, pyrex, wine glasses, cookbooks, etc.
Even if I buy something off the registry, I always jazz it up with utensils and some towels.
Way bigger bang for your buck.

2) Baby items.
Unisex newborn clothes for showers, swaddling blankets, little infant toys, etc.
See above about jazzing up a registry gift.

3) What I call "universal" toys.
These are toys like dolls, trucks, blocks, and the like.
Things that pretty much every kid plays with.
Not specific (Sorry kids, you will almost never get that crazy specific action figure on your Christmas list, but it doesn't mean Aunt Meg loves you any less).
Not to mention, have you seen the girls' toy aisle lately??? ick.
I mean really.... gross.
I've never seen so many overly curvaceous, bug-eyed, mid drift-showing dolls things in my life,
and frankly, I'm horrified.

So anyways...

I snagged this normalish baby doll after Christmas last year at Target for $2. Yes. Two.
She wasn't bug-eyed.
She wasn't wearing make up.
I know what you're thinking, newborns don't wear make up.
Ah yes, I'm a grown woman and at this point I rarely wear it myself,
but for some God-forsaken reason, there are (many!) baby dolls that are wearing eyeshadow?
Okay I'm done. Maybe.

Anyway, she came with a pacifier and a bottle and outfit and whatnot,
but I always like to add to a handmade touch to every gift,
so I made her some new clothes,
some dollie diapers with velcro,
and some itty bitty bibs.

The pattern for the dress can be found here.
I used velcro for all of the fastenings, so it would be easy for a 2 year old to change her.

For the diapers and bibs, I just drew a template first on paper and tweaked it to fit her.

As for fabrics, I used some that I had on hand,
cotton for the dresses and cozy flannel for the diapers and bibs.

Ben was psyched to give this gift to his friend, Lucy, for her birthday.
And he had a crazy good time, as always, at her house for the party.

For other ideas on how to "dress up" a doll gift, head over to my Pinterest board
There are pins for baby doll carriers, bassinets, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Till next time!


  1. so cute! I also love to buy things on clearance. it seems like target doesn't put as much on clearance as it once did, but I always look for some good finds when I am there.

  2. You are amazingly crafty and creative. You impress me!!!

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