Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

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My best bud and her mother are hosting a bridal shower in the coming month
and I had the pleasure of helping them out with the invitations.
This was so much fun for me.
We looked at a ton of invites on Pinterest and saw a couple we liked,
so I combined our inspirations with the bride's personality and color scheme (purple and blue)
to arrive at this.
I personally love them,
and if time travel were possible and I somehow ended up back to planning my own wedding,
I'm sure I would want something similar for myself.
Hopefully, the bride feels the same way.

The invitations are 5x7's with rounded corners,
printed on white card stock.
I had a lot of fun playing with a ton of new fonts.
(Many of them can be found on the Resources board of my Pinterest page)
I also included 4x6 recipe cards on kraft paper
with the bride's name
so all the guests can share their wealth of food knowledge.
I love this idea since I got SO many great recipes at my own shower, many of which I still use.
Lastly, a little poem about her "wishing well".
This is a custom that was unfamiliar to me until a few years ago.
I'm sure many of you, however, have heard of it.
Basically, the wishing well is for little house gifts for the bride and groom aside from the registry gifts.
I love this idea as well since setting up a new home with cleaning supplies, pantry items (especially spices!), and other necessities is so darn expensive,
and typically you don't register for many of them.
The poem reads,
"Spices, detergents, and gadgets galore,
There are never enough,
you can always use more.
Please bring  little item for our bride,
would you please.
Spatulas, freezer bags,
or maybe Febreeze.
Wrap it in tissue,
and your name do not tell.
It's just a little something for her
Wishing Well."
A little twine and stamping on the envelopes, and it was all set!
Hope she loves them.


  1. Everything looks great! Thank you for your tips! I'll be using many of them for my future sister-in-law's shower I'm throwing for her.

  2. would you make these again if someone asked you to ? like to purchase?


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