Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick and Easy Grandparents' Gift

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I'm alive!
It feels like I haven't posted in a year!
I have been really busy here with Christmas orders for my Etsy shop,
trying to stay on top of my household chores (although I'm critically losing that battle),
and maybe just maybe trying to squeeeeeze in some time for my own holiday gifting.
I take this time to apologize to my family:
you will most likely not be getting anything handmade, as I'm too busy making something handmade for someone else's family. : /
Apparently, I can't have my cake and eat it, too.
I thought I would return to you all with a gift that I did manage to complete for my own family.
It's fast.
It's easy.
Total cost was less than $5.
It'll make your heart feel oh so warm and cozy.

don't be a scrooge.

This project was so simple that posting a tutorial would be a mockery to tutorials.
I purchased the wooden Christmas tree (it already had the mounting hardware on the back).
I purchased the stars (and have approximately 10 million left over).
Painted them in green and metallic paints, respectively.

Then, I wrote on the stars and glued them to the tree,
making sure to leave plenty of extra stars for "expansion" (if ya catch ma drift).

Finally I added the tag with a verse of Scripture written on it. I found it particularly appropriate because of the stars on the tree and the fact that my mother in law LOVES the seashore.

Done and done.
Hope she likes it.


  1. um yep, this is perfect for my grandparents. i was really scratching my head on what to get them. thanks!

  2. Love this...just made it, though it took me like 3 hours and looks like something from 'Pinterest, you are drunk.' I guess some girls got it, some girls don't...

    I'm going to pretend my 2 year old made it on his own ;)

    1. Jenny, I'm sure it looks great! The best part about DIY grandparents' gifts is, of course, that they don't have to look good even! They will be loved regardless. :)


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