Thursday, July 5, 2012

Garden Update June 2012

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June went really well in the garden.
Everything is looking great,
and the first fruits (vegetables, really) are popping up everywhere.
First tomatoes and peppers.

First zucchini
and yellow squash.

And just wee little beginnings of cucumbers.

My herbs are growing like crazy.
(I'm so happy to finally have some lavender!
I was surprised to have so much trouble finding a plant,
but I eventually found a plant at the farmers market from my regular guy)
My peas are about done,
it's getting way too hot for them,
but I'm pleased with what I was able to harvest.
I'll definitely be planting more shelling peas next year.

The farmers market is full of new food stuff,
so I'm getting my canning supplies together and planning out what I would like to put up this year.
Living on such a small piece of property really limits what we can grow,
and we pretty much eat through what we grow ourselves.
Luckily, we have a great farmers market,
and I've fostered a relationship with a local farmer there,
so I can "order" bushels of whatever I would like to put up.

You'll be seeing lots of putting up posts in the future,
but for now, I'm just planning out what I can put up that we would eat a lot of through the winter.

Anyone out there have a favorite?


  1. Looking forward to seeing your posts on canning!! I've only canned once with some friends (apple butter), but I'm hoping to get into it more :)

    1. I started the blog just after canning season last year, so I'm excited to share some of my faves. It's allowed us to eat our local produce through the winter when the grocery store is full of imported stuff.


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